Meet Genya

Dad, husband, coach. Genya wears many hats, but perhaps the most fitting one is that of a sherpa.

Sherpas are an ethnic group from the mountainous regions of Nepal highly regarded for their mountaineering skills, providing invaluable guidance to the explorers of the Himalayas.

Genya at a studio during a recording of a documentary film.


To be able to guide requires first-hand knowledge of the terrain and Genya has been on his journey of self-discovery and self-mastery ever since he was a child climbing trees in the forests of Sakhalin Island in the Russian Far East, where he grew up.

Born to Jewish immigrants, Genya lost his father at a young age and had to face a difficult childhood with a dysfunctional stepfather, he learned to navigate life with curiosity, creativity and a deep connection to nature.


Connection with deep purpose

His family relocated to Israel, Genya felt right at home as he discovered the people open up to conversation more easily, fostering his desire for connection and to learn people’s stories.

After doing his military service, he became a personal trainer for celebrities, and had access to a lifestyle he had always coveted. However, after reaching the peak of the mountain, he realized he was climbing the wrong one.

Achievement without fulfillment left him in the most dangerous place he ever was in life. So, he ran away. He left Israel with his girlfriend, now wife to travel the world.

They went to Japan, New Zealand, Vietnam and Australia, where he found yoga. This meant his first encounter with spirituality, and had the intuition of keep practicing as a way to get rid of the pain he was carrying inside.


Except, he realized what he needed to do is the opposite: to face the pain. Genya and his wife Zina relocated to Ontario, Canada where Genya’s spiritual journey continued. He met new mentors, and developed his meditation and yoga practice.

He founded Indigo yoga Studio where he cultivated a stable community of committed students, teachers and friends. He now facilitates men’s groups and coaches empath entrepreneurs guiding them through their journey to fulfill their purpose.

Genya at a men’s personal development retreat.

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