Documentary: Breathe

ClearBeing breathwork coach Genya Klaiman is featured in ‘BREATHE’, – an insightful short documentary which highlights the importance of breathing fundamentals, and how practicing ancient breathwork techniques can help us to not only improve our everyday breathing, but the quality of our lives overall.

Short Video: Stepping into the Cold

Ice Bathing for Health, Happiness, Longevity and Boosted Immunity. I hope this short video inspires you to take that small leap of courage and endure the short discomfort to reap the many benefits of cold exposure.

Oh present day medicine man

Oh present day medicine manOh intuitive guideSuch a perceptive teacherFull of age-old wisdom and inner knowingAn insightful mentorFacilitator of divine vision Here before usHolds spectacular tools and presence of mind His community of belonging sits before himin anticipationCeremony about to beginSits around the fireBrings fortha multitude of rituals and healing entities Breathwork begins the transportationSoon … Read more