Oh present day medicine man

Oh present day medicine man
Oh intuitive guide
Such a perceptive teacher
Full of age-old wisdom and inner knowing
An insightful mentor
Facilitator of divine vision

Here before us
Holds spectacular tools and presence of mind

His community of belonging sits before him
in anticipation
Ceremony about to begin
Sits around the fire
Brings forth
a multitude of rituals and healing entities

Breathwork begins the transportation
Soon after
A Pitter-patter of the drumbeat chimes in
Solid steadfast beat thunders forth
Wailing voices croon in and out
Sounds leap from ear to ear
Winding and weaving in sinc
Into glorious harmony
her heartbeats natural metronome

Eyes masked
inward bound she travels
Gives birth to Primal pulsations
An instinctive tribal fire-dance
Shake and gyrate
Churn and jerk
Resonates throughout the entirety of her being

From slumber to deep awakening
Stirs and oscillates
her energy body from crown to tippy toe
Into a timeless trance
Takes her straight out of her head
Shifts and immerses her rapidly
Deep into the soul of her heart-body
Pumping life into every cell membrane
transports her from earthly planes to ethereal realms

Fully alive
Totally present
Humming vibrates
all of her cellular molecules
Synthesizes voice and body
Stirs up a deep held rush of emotions
Life within her expands
She comes into her own power
Brings into focus the unity of her inner world
With the whole of the universe surrounding her

Journey forward dear one
Safety is here
Love is here
Forgiveness is given as a long awaited gift
Where the whole of the universe holds her in all of its expansiveness
Porous and ready for healing and transformation

Nadine Rapps