Client Reviews

What others say abou the Piligrim Accounting

“The space that I touched at the end of the session was a place of stillness I hadn’t reached up until I tried plant medicine. Without any external substances, I could touch this deep place with practice and support. This is going to unlock something inside of you that has been always inside of you that is unbelievably peaceful and powerful and will carry you through the remainder of your life if you choose to reconnect with the practice on a regular basis.”

Wes Greenwood
Owner of Wellness Retreat


I feel more at peace and how I show up in my business and my family. I can clearly address my boundaries. There’s more patience to my days. I approach situations with more clarity and compassion, rather than being reactionary. You have to meet my friend Genya. He’s truly an incredible human being. He’s helped me tremendously. Breathwork is incredible. What do you have to lose?

Marc Shapiro
CEO of Entertainment Company


I was curious about the ability to access ourselves deeply and know ourselves and grow an even deeper trust with someone I respect. I appreciate the energy of the guidance.

There’s a level of care in the space. You just know you’re held and well taken care of by a knowledgeable coach, who knows the landscape well. I don’t like strict, structures and stifling breathwork experiences. Genya’s sessions are invigorating and highly effective and entertaining and engaging (not boring!!). I love the feeling of my body pulsating and go to where you need to go within yourself. Certain fears – such as suffocation, claustrophobia, drowning – come up and I feel safe to go deeper to heal.

Chris Plough


I appreciate how Genya can hold space for me without judgment. I know I can show up authentically and just be met with honesty. I wasn’t looking for advice, I was looking for guidance and someone I could model and learn from. After working with Genya I’ve honed in humanity plus as a core value in my company. He’s helped me realize that I don’t have to say ‘yes’ to every opportunity and accept projects that are aligned with my core values. I would recommend Genya’s coaching to every man who’s seeking to feel solid, aware and connected as a leader in his personal and professional life.

Art Palvanov
Founder of Design Studio