In Person Offerings

What to Bring

For all events, we encourage you to bring:

  • Yourself: Come As You Are, Be As You Are

Soul Guided Circle, Singing Circle

  • Water bottle
  • Layered comfortable clothing
  • Yoga mat (we have extras)

Soul Guided Breathwork

  • Water bottle
  • Journal + pen
  • Layered comfortable clothing
  • Eye mask or pillow
  • Yoga mat (we have extras)

Play Love Connect (Couples Retreat)

  • Water bottle
  • Layered comfortable clothing
  • Journal + pen
  • Yoga mat (we have extras)

Cold/Hot Immersion

  • Water bottle
  • Swimwear
  • 2 Towels
  • Backpack or bag to bring items down to the Banya, and for wet clothing after
  • Journal + pen

Soul Guided Men's Circle

  • Water bottle
  • Layered comfortable clothing
  • Journal and pen 

Primal Elements Day Retreat

  • Water bottle
  • Journal and pen 
  • Layered, loose-fitting clothes for movement session
  • Weather-appropriate clothing including rain gear (we will be outdoors)
  • Extra set of clothing including socks for after movement session
  • Comfortable, good-quality outdoor footwear for trail walk & run (we suggest minimalist shoes)
  • Yoga mat or blanket


For Events Held at the Land in King City (formerly ClearBeing):

Our address is 4235 17th Sideroad in King City.

PLEASE NOTE: Waze Navigation sometimes takes people to the wrong address on the east side of the 400. We are west of the 400, and west of Weston Road. 

Google Maps Directions

The Village, Great Hall, and Parking:

To get to the Village:
Drive through the gray gates and up the driveway until you reach the fork at the bottom of the hill. Park on the right side of the driveway. Follow the path to the right that leads down to the Village and pond.

To get to the Great Hall:
Drive through the gray gates and up the driveway past the fork at the bottom of the hill. Park to your right in front of the main building. If spots are full, park along the West side of the driveway (the side closest to the main building).

For a labelled aerial image of our site click here

Complete Your Waiver

If you have completed a waiver for us in the past year, you're all set!

If you have not completed a waiver in the past year, or you're not sure how long ago you completed one, please complete the waiver at the link below:

Thank you!

Online Offerings

How to Prepare

Please arrive early to the Zoom session so that you can check your audio and video before the session starts.

Be in a quiet space so that you can concentrate on the session without distractions.

When music is involved, it is suggested to use earphones to fully experience the session.

Terms & Conditions


We ask that all participants be sure (within reason) that they will be able to attend before registering. For this reason, we only issue refunds in the case of extenuating circumstances at the discretion of the event host.

Recording (Online Offerings)

Unless otherwise stated, all online classes, Masterclasses, webinars and teachings are to be recorded. It is assumed that by joining said class, Masterclass, webinar or teaching that you consent to be recorded. If you do not want to be recorded, you will notify us ahead of time at so that we can make adjustments accordingly.

Age Policy

All events, both in person and online are 18+ unless otherwise stated.