“Accept The Challenge Of The Adventure Within."

You find yourself in a different world. Amongst friendly strangers. Where the tall grass grows, the gentle breeze blows and your inner child comes to play.

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Very quickly you find comfort in your surroundings and the open-hearted energies that are present. Around an open fire, you introduce yourself and let your intention for the day flow out of you organically.  

Challenge yourself and tune into your body through MovNat a natural movement-based experience where nature becomes your playground. You will build strength through functional movement in a playful, non-competitive way, getting fit, reducing stress and becoming more confident in how you show up in life, and deeply knowing that you can take on whatever challenge life throws at you.

Together you move through the peaceful forest with nervous excitement. This is your primal instincts awakening. While balancing on fallen trees and throwing stones, you tune into your breath, naturally, your focus sharpens, and the sounds of the forest become the perfect soundtrack to your day. 

Circle back and find a comfy place to lay down where the forest meets the meadow. Settle in for a guided Elemental Rhythm Breathwork Experience. A practice that summons the energies of the different elements: earth, water, air and fire in several deep-breathing rounds and guided meditation to take the participant into a deeper state of self-awareness. Gain greater mental clarity, emotional fluidity and inner contentment.

Show up for yourself, surrender, and embrace this powerful tool.

It is time to cleanse, move with care and in silence into the sacred Wooden Fired Sauna. As you begin the sweat observe your body heat up and do what it was designed to do. You are a miracle. 

You heal and rejuvenate your body. The sauna teaches your body longevity and vitality. It further benefits many of your body's systems including your cardiovascular, nervous, and lymphatic systems. 

Find yourself back around the open fire. Tune into your sense of smell as a soup simmers over the natural heat of the coals. Together, seek the shade of a stand-alone tree. Allow yourself to be excited to nourish yourself with this wholesome meal. 

Practice patience. Create a sacred space, bless the food, and take the opportunity to be grateful for all that you have and all that you are. Notice how you eat with more presence.

Genya Klaiman

Breath Coach, BraveSoul Coach, MovNat Instructor

My calling is to encourage clients to choose the way they want to live. I feel deeply that we each bring unique and important gifts to this world. I would love to share my gifts with you and inspire you to share yours with humanity.


  • Details

    Next event date: TBA

    Arrival: 9:00 - 9:30 am

    Duration: 9:30 am - 5:30 pm

    Location: The Village

    Directions to the event

  • What to Bring

    • Comfortable clothes you can easily move in
    • Water bottle
    • Journal and pen
    • Weather-appropriate outdoor clothes
    • Outdoor shoes
    • Swimwear
    • 2 Towels for Banya
    • Backpack or bag to bring items down to the Banya
    • Dry clothes change (If rainy day)
    • Bottle 
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Primal Elements Mens Retreat

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