"An evening of music & song to nourish our souls"

This event is intimate and reserved for 10 entrepreneurs.

Singing circles are an ancient, cross-cultural practice that foster healing and community through the power of song. They offer an inclusive and non-judgmental space for us to come together, to connect to both our ancestors and descendants, and to experience a powerful reminder of our shared humanity.

Singing circles require no prior experience or musical talent, as every individual has a unique voice that serves as an instrument to raise the vibration of both the individual and the collective. Singing quiets the mind, opens the heart, and taps into the soul, creating a powerful and transcendent experience for all who participate.

Our singing circle comes with a twist!

We call it a song sharing circle, a living, growing experience that we shape together by sharing songs from our own lives and selecting songs from our archive that feel alive in the moment. The songs we sing span many cultures, eras, and faiths, and often correlate with the seasons and cycles of the Earth and relative celebrations and themes. We sing mostly a cappella with occasional organic accompaniment, and sink into a mini sound bath in each circle.

Please know that sharing a song is not a requirement but an invitation.
Upon reading this, and in the days that follow, notice if a song comes to you.
If you feel called to share it, print 10 copies of the lyrics to bring with you to the next circle.
If no song comes to you, you are equally welcome to our singing circle!
We trust that the songs will arise as they are meant to be sung.


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Amanda McFadyen

Yoga Instructor, Educator, Musician

Amanda is a devout ‘maker of music and dreamer of dreams’ (Willy Wonka). Professionally, she has served the local and global communities as a children’s yoga teacher and trainer through her company, BlissKids, and affiliate, Rainbow Yoga.

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Singing has always been woven into her work, as evident in her signature program Yosic, a yoga/music fusion created for and shared with little ones ages 0-6 for over a decade. In recent years, Amanda has been mostly mesmerized by her four magical children and husband, nestled deeply into the nook of mothering. Through all of the ups and downs of family life and societal struggles, together they sing and are guided, soothed and uplifted by music and song. Today Amanda works in sisterhood toward a revival of land-based learning and co-creates holistic learning adventures for her children with the non-profit organization Wild Unity and the Starseeds Earth Academy. Inspired by her friend and Mentor, Mascha Perrone, Amanda is called back into service of the greater community through song and these beautiful circles.

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Genya Klaiman

Breath Coach, BraveSoul Coach, MovNat Instructor

Genya works with unconventional leaders who are struggling with burnout, helping them to identify the shifts needed to allow for their continued success and growth. Genya’s specialty is in helping clients to slow down and connect with sources of high intelligence to solve complex business and life challenges. His unique approach blends Soul Coaching and Transformative Breathwork.

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Zina Klaiman Kolobov

Soul Coach, Yoga Instructor

Zina is passionate about a community in which like-minded souls come together in nature to share their experiences, values, and perspectives. She loves to practice Qigong, yoga, guitar, singing, and drawing.

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Zina has had a long and interesting journey in her career and personal life. She graduated as an Industrial Manager in her twenties and worked in Accounting for many years. Before immigrating to Canada, Zina and her husband, Genya, travelled around the world and explored exotic places. In her thirties she switched careers and became an Early Childhood Educator in the education field including at the Toronto Waldorf School.

In the meantime, Zina and her husband opened a yoga studio in Richmond Hill and she graduated as a Yoga Teacher and Soul Coach.

Zina is a mother of three amazing children with whom she loves to spend time in nature, explore new places, and have fresh adventures.

She is looking forward to sharing her gifts and love of Soul Coaching with the community.

  • Details

    Group Size: Maximum 10 people

    Date: To be determined

    Arrival Time: To be determined

    Duration: 2.5 hours (including arrival + departure)

  • Optional Items to Consider:

    • Water bottle
    • Musical instruments
    • Song lyrics or poem that you desire to share (bring 10 copies to share with the group)