Relax into your power: all that you seek is already within you

This event is intimate and reserved for 10 BraveSouls.

Brave Soul Breathwork are sessions to guide you home within yourself to connect to the inherent wisdom, power and guidance that already exists within all of us.

Breathwork provides the opportunity to tune in to the body and the breath, creating the space to relax into the present moment.

This opens the way for the Interactive Mediation portion where each person will be guided to connect with their present moment experience and align with their own awareness and natural intelligence.

Words of Gratitude

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Erika A.

"I am at a crossroads in my life and I have received guidance in my meditations. The breathwork brought clarity and confirmation of that guidance. I wouldn’t say that I have changed, only that the path is clearer."

Who this is for:

  • For anyone who is thinking that what they need is outside of themselves, or that someone will come and save them
  • For anyone who wants to create life from the inside out, the life they want, and to be of service to themselves, their families, and their communities


Rest in your power

The act of Breathwork is a powerful tool that can guide us to reflect, release and integrate.

It is a gateway to accessing the here and now.

In the rounds of Elemental Breathwork, we connect and use the breath as a way to allow for a natural unwinding and relaxation within the body.

Through the breath and focused awareness we can create space for all that shows up so that we can hold it with presence and grace.

Elemental Breathwork combines four different breathwork styles that are modeled after the four elements (fire, air, water, earth).

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Genya Klaiman

Breath Coach, BraveSoul Coach, MovNat Instructor

Genya works with unconventional leaders who are struggling with burnout, helping them to identify the shifts needed to allow for their continued success and growth. Genya’s specialty is in helping clients to slow down and connect with sources of high intelligence to solve complex business and life challenges. His unique approach blends Soul Coaching and Transformative Breathwork.

Interactive Meditation

Pathway to Presence

In interactive meditation, a maximum of 10 people gather together with a common intention to bring presence to what is unfolding in the moment-to-moment lived experience. Each person is invited to bring forward a current life challenge or question that they seek clarity with, to be brought into the meditation. After the meditation, within the circle as each person shares, we may receive guidance and clarity from the collective wisdom and intelligence that is accessible to all of us. 

In this sacred space we are encouraged to authentically express, experience, and BE with each moment as it arises. To allow the truth of each moment to surface and be heard, witnessed and held by the expansive holding energy of the group. 

In doing so, we are given opportunities to welcome, reclaim, and liberate all emotional states, freeing the tremendous amount of lifeforce that has been tied up protecting and suppressing them. Ultimately, opening us to access and enjoy the natural inborn qualities of presence that always exist within us such as peace, freedom, love, trust, understanding, wisdom, creativity, etc.

Words of Gratitude

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Sue M.

"The inner trauma locked in my system was brought to the surface, a trauma so deeply rooted, I knew existed but didn't have the tools to release."

  • Details

    Group Size: Maximum 10 people

    Date: To be determined

    Arrival Time: 6:15 pm

    Duration: 6:30 - 8:30 pm

  • What to Bring

    • Yoga mat (we have extras)
    • Eye mask or pillow
    • Layered comfortable clothing
    • Water bottle