The Soul-Guided Circle is a place to find rest, clarity and support within the invaluable power of conscious community.

We invite you the the Soul-Guided Circle at our Retreat in King City.

An intentional group of souls coming together to cultivate authentic and supportive community.

We come as equals for the purpose of spiritual and collective growth, to remember and embody the most authentic version alive within all of us, cultivating values of authenticity, service and connection for the good of all.

To be held as we are in a sacred space, and met with listening ears and hearts, empowers us to tune into our innate guidance system so that we can find relaxation within our various challenges such as relationships, career, life purpose, emotional states, and health issues. 

Every person has the potential to grow and flourish as their authentic self and to make a unique and fulfilling contribution to their world, and this World.

Knowing that the Soul already exists in its full potential, our role is to assist in its unveiling by acknowledging and addressing any obstacles that hinder our connection with it. These obstacles could include conditioned beliefs or unresolved emotions and patterns that are brought to light in a supportive community of conscious souls. The energies naturally release themselves fueled by this shared intention, revealing more enlightened perspectives and authentic guidance from our innate wisdom and love. 

We then find ourselves in touch with inborn qualities like resilience and compassion that bring richness, creativity, and aliveness to our moments, and enable us to embody a Soul-powered expression that feels like home.

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Genya Klaiman

Breath Coach, BraveSoul Coach, MovNat Instructor

"My calling is to encourage clients to choose the way they want to live. I feel deeply that we each bring unique and important gifts to this world. I would love to share my gifts with you and inspire you to share yours with humanity."

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My story starts on Sakhalin Island in the Russian Far East, closer to Japan than Moscow. I have been very lucky to be surrounded by gorgeous nature where I was evolving to be a future MovNat coach. I was climbing trees and doing gymnastics on huge boulders as a kid. And the best part of growing up in the communist region was to have any access to sports activity for FREE!!! So I’ve been trained in a wide variety of sport styles, from shooting to gymnastics. 

When I was young I was always fascinated to bring my friends along with me to try sports and stop drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes. Later, when I was 18, my family moved to Israel where I discovered my deep passion for teaching clients how to make their bodies stronger and more resilient. But I always felt that there was something missing. Spirituality is what connected my fitness experience with what I teach today.

After completing Kinesiology in 2003, I set out on a journey to discover the mind-body-spirit benefits of yoga. Combining the knowledge of experience gained in the past 20 years, I offer a highly integrative approach by fusing elements from Functional Movement, Breathwork, and Soul Coaching.

In my sessions, I invite clients to acknowledge and honor their own unique needs and intentions. This experience of ‘self-sensing’ and ‘self-awareness’ becomes a tool that I encourage students to apply in their daily life.

As a coach and therapist, I have assisted in improving the lives of numerous individuals who have reached out to me with a variety of health conditions and life changes.

Soul-Guided Circle

The group will gather in the Great Hall at the Retreat in King City.

The circle will begin with an opening ceremony of acknowledgment to land and spirits, music offered through divine breath, cedar offering, and shared song.

From there we will open the circle for authentic sharing with an invitational prompt such as “What’s alive in you?” where you will be free to share whatever naturally arises.

The evening will end with a closing ceremony, after which the participants can head back home.

  • Details

    Date: Thursday June 13th

    Arrival Time: 6:15 pm

    Duration: 6:30 - 8:00 pm

    Location: The Great Hall

    Directions to the event

  • What to bring

    • Travel Mug or Water Bottle
    • Yoga mat, blanket, or chair (we have extras)
    • Yourself: Come As You Are, Be As You Are
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Soul Guided Circle

Soul Guided Circle

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